The Kindest And Best

One true to her beliefs she was always that way
She called to her church every day for to pray
She led by example in her many good deed
By helping out people of help much in need

Predeceased by her husband with him she now lay
In the town cemetery she was buried today
Her death slow and painful though to the end she was brave
Her friends, children and grandchildren wept by her grave

For a beautiful person a last sad farewell
Of stories of her kindness so many to tell
She died with the brown leaves of the southern Fall
Death is a thing that does come to us all

In her seventy first year she was not that old
It is sad to think her kind and warm heart is now still and cold
The cancer of her once good health did take toll
The time span of our existence is beyond our control

To be a great person was her claim to renown
The kindest and best on her side of the town
Her departure from life a slow painful release
The beautiful person may she now rest in peace.

by Francis Duggan

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