The King

The King of Tough End Street the toughest street in the town
A brawler in his thirties who has earned his local renown
In every pub fight he has been in his opponent hit the floor
And learned their lesson in the hard way not to challenge him any more
The burly King of Tough End Street does never look for fight
But when challenged he does not back down with his fists he puts things right
He has not been challenged for awhile the word has got around
Among bullies who like to prove themselves that easier opponents than him are to be found
The fearless King of Tough End Street has two young daughters and a wife
They are his very pride and joy the darlings of his life
Despite the many brawls he has been in he has never been in jail
In court his pleads of self defense him never once did fail
The noble King of Tough End Street of himself takes good care
Of which every local young thug has become quite aware.

by Francis Duggan

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