The King And The Maiden

The King and the Maiden
Part I

Far-flung in the deep of the lands
Far sunken, swallowed in time’s sands
yet close to the songs of the waves’ roars
and the briny haze that pours
the humid seashores of golden grains
of none saved, by the dances of oceanic reigns.

Among nature’s lives that dwells
There, a shining kingdom swells
shiny as a lake of sunny spring
in its state of sleep and absent streams,
of gazing tall towers furnished in gold
and In the middle of this kingdom fourfold
stands the king’s great palace for the ages built
shelled with ivory carvings, spires in guilt
of all soaring highest under the blue
from the inside a splendid scenic view
and next to the king’s room, a silent bower
shows surrounded by garland flowers
that any the fortunate, would feel heaven’s weight
as it watches over a wide blazing bay
that when dawn is pulled by its luminous chariot across the sky
the doves with delightful chants fly and spry
along with the knock of the tower bells,
the fading night farewells.

Upon the sides of its stretching walls
a mighty green lays outspread,
for the cries of heaven the land be fed
leaving a gracious earth gratefully moist,
for all the flowers and trees to rejoice
thus, giving a rich soil to flourish
its nation sober provisions to nourish.

All this pleasantness was ruled by one king
Longing to give an emerald bridal-ring
That dared not lovely Venus’s scion
Give him a fair companion to rule this Zion
So he dared not to throw a dart
And find his fated half heart.
to wear the queenly gown
while holding his tender heart’s crown.

to be continued...

by Ivan Mauricio Urrego

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I love fairytales and this tale is intriguing, please continue, you write so well, it is sheer delight to read your verse! Kind regards, Margaret Alice.