SJ (1991 / arizona)

You Tell Me Who

tell me who this
tell me who that
is that what it's become
is that where it's at
when you tell me what you do for me
as if i can't see
i know i hurt you
but what you are doing is something you should never do
why don't YOU tell me who
before all this happened and still it remains
cause although i made a mistake
my love for you ain't change
tell me who would sneak a call even if it was just for four minutes
even though i 'd get introuble, but you were all that i was seein
tell me who would diss' her friends to put you first
tell me who was their to stop all your hurt
tell me who else would put up with your controlling ways
and still stay with you and not walk away
tell me who else would do ANYTHING to make YOU happy
even if it conflicted wit something else, i gave it to you gladly
make sure you always had something in your stomach
even though my own was the one that was yellin
but you see i ain't ever care if it was
jus as long as you were takin care of
i spent many days with nothing to eat
i worshiped everything about you
you could do no wrong to me
and even when everyone said he's no good
i never understood
i never even listened
because being with you was my favorite positon
there were times you left me laying on the fall
but all and all
you always kept me tall
tell me who would love you for just you
tell me who would not tell ANYONE the secretes you shared
tell me who would never put you out there like that
even though you did that to me
tell me who would stay up all night with you
even though my eyes were barely holding on
tell me who would sing to you their favorite song
(even when they can't sing)
(tell me who would walk around with a fake ring)
tell me who would support you the way that i have
going to every meet you had in track
and sit on the bleachers and scream at the top of their lungs
tell me who would still believe in you after everyone doubted you
tell me who would take it even when every one made fun of you
and fite them cause thats what id do for my boo boo
tell me who would stik wit you as long as I DID
asking 'tell' me who aint g2 change anyhting
becasue although we both know the answer to that
im not going to throw anything in your face and make you feel bad
cause see i wouldn't do anything to PURPOSELY hurt you
that 1 thing STILL holds true
and i know that if i was to throw things in your face like you been doing to me
it would hurt you and it wouldn't help anything
im getting stronger and more knowledgeable
i could sit here and get at you
but tell me
what would that really do
more pain in you
and i actually care
so i ain't going to stoop to your level
cause im trying to work on what we share
NOT make it worse
people think of that before you say something to make her hurt
but what hurts most
is that you know that you are doing
im telling you how you making me feel
and you ain't stop
so how you think i feel
i know how you do
whick is why i won't go to
your level
and do what you do

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Pablo Neruda

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