The King In Millstreet Town

I've always thought a king wore the royal ring and crown
But not Willie Corcoran the King in Millstreet Town
I've never seen him wear crown or royal ring
And yet to many he's known as the King.

I have often wondered without finding out
Of how the name he seems so proud of came about
He was not crowned there was no ceremony
Yet is there one more worthy king than he?

For he must be one of the chosen few
He doesn't insult he try to humor you
He like a laugh and is good to crack a joke
And he is such a very well liked bloke.

The King of Millstreet with royals does not hob nob
And house painting is perhaps his favourite job
But at other things he too can turn his hand
And his services are always in demand.

In Millstreet Town a very well known face
You well might say he is part of the place
Raised in Pound Hill where he is living still
The King of that old Town by Clara hill.

A friendly chap he's not hard to get to know
And he always greet you with a warm hello
And though he never wore the royal ring and crown
They know him as the King in Millstreet Town.

by Francis Duggan

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