The King Of Time

The King of Time in all his glory is indescribably devine.
He is ruler of the universe - but he is impossible to define.
He is the space within the circle; he is the circle unending too,
He is the life within everything, yet is invisible to me and you. He has no father, no mother, no sister, no brother,
He is absolute and from nothing sprung -
He is inconceivable!
He is unbelievable!
And yet forever be his praises sung!
He is unconceivable!
He is unbelievable!
And yet, he is! He is you see!
And yet - I would not believe that he is - were it not for both you and me! He is an improbability!
An impossibility!
With neither logic nor reason, nor rhyme!
And yet he is, and yet he is!
The splendiferous King of Time!

by Juanita Brittain Gist

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