AL (02/12/91 / England)

The King (Rise And Fall)

You would burn bright in the skies
Id Let my sun burst to dust
See the phoenix when it would rise
For its heart to combust.
And bring euphoria to rule the day
Upon the stage greatness stands
A million skies in space to stay
To paint the sky in orange strands.
The sun grand that would rise and fall
In the morning the crisp horizon grows
Draining darkness as it sprawls
Bitter daylight in skies it rose.
The king and bearer of the crown
Soon fall west to hand over to
The moonlit night then bow down
To rest in the glory that you once knew.
Rise and rise, in the morn
Fight off with flames come from the east
Birds chirp the song they've sung
Vibrant swipes, darkness ceased.
Golden is the castle thats now yours
Around green lands in acres too
Shining knight in your kingdom walls
Upon a hill, a patriotic flag flew.
In ore are the skies you overlook
This sky you reign in your might
Gone is the delving darkness you've took
To save the people from the night.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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