DH (Unknown. / )

~* The Kiss...

Its when she said it..
The feeling in my chest..
my butterflies in my tummy..
and her laughter,
that kept me in place.

She makes me wanna love..
I know I'm scared..
I know its not time.
but at the end of the day..
I found myself saying,
its time..

Let all worries go,
she is here to save..
she'll catch my every fall..
and kiss all pains away..

I remember the very first kiss..
my heart literally stopped..
to the surprise..
and butterflies settled in my stomach..
I melted on the spot,
my knees went weak..

She is comfortable enough to tell me her life story..
and I realize.. she knows more than anyone..

When I hold her, its all that matters..
Her hand.. fits perfectly with mines..
and she is the one I wanna be with...

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