I Am Thou

Thou art -
Unparalleled, Unsurpassed,
So far, yet so near!
So vast, yet so slim

Smaller than the smallest
Yet larger than the largest

Farther than the farthest
Yet closer than the closest

Brighter than the brightest
Yet, darker than the darkest

Forever still,
Yet unstill as well
Yet infinitesimal
Never old, ever young
Thou art Thy own comparison

Thou art One,
Yet appearing many
Universe within the Universe

Thou art One
Yet Thou art everyone
Thou art within and without!

Thou dwell in the middle of my eye
As my inmost consciousness
Hence Thou art ‘I'

And, I am ‘I'
Unparalled, Unsurpassed,
Sat-Chit-Ananda, OM!
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
February 23,2011

by Tushar Ray

Comments (2)

Good poem embellished in a five line stanza. Equal quintet. SylvaOnyema Uba
yes, god is more than a genius to have made you woman.