The Kiss

The girl walked beneath stars showing
and moon glowing,
gathering night poems.
Then, as a gift sent from heaven,
she felt a kiss land upon her lips.

It came from far away
and tasted of sweet cloves,
of romantic days, tender words
and caring thoughts. It felt daring,
full of promise and sensual nights.
It lingered lovingly before disappearing.
She was left wondering
how he ever managed to send a kiss
from where he was to fall like a star
beneath the cold moon’s lonely light.

She touched her lips, feeling the heat,
knowing that phantom kiss
was as real as a poem,
as certain as stardust,
as blessed as the prayer
she murmured each night.
So she returned the kiss,
watching it fly across
the night sky like a phantom,
a feathered thing with purpose.

by Raynette Eitel

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a sweet kiss with love feelings..well done, ...