963: Peace N Happiness Wish...

Love is so beautiful,
In love there is loss,
Life is still beautiful,
Do not cause loss,
If it occurs to you,
Just accept it.

None causes loss,
It just happens,
Forgive those,
Who appear to have,
Caused loss to you,
Forgiveness is noble.

Let her be happy,
And at peace,
If she could not,
She would have a reason,
Let god take care of her,
Wish her happiness and peace.

by Amit Biswas

Comments (5)

Imaginations nicely put into words. Loved the poem.
Very creative and convincing. Well done indeed.
Punished like prehistoric. Nice piece of work.
Wonderful! An interesting read till end.
Way cool! I've always suspected that my kitchen shears has a glorious imagination like this! But I can never seem to find her when I really need her. Do you think she is hiding from me?