The Kiwi

The National bird of New Zealand is the kiwi
Once plentiful but now considered rare
Before the coming of the colonizers
These ratites were abundant in the Islands everywhere.

Their name was given to them by the Maoris
Though i cannot say what the word 'Kiwi' mean
I only know they are nocturnal creatures
And in the light of day are seldom seen.

I know that there are three species of kiwi
I've seen one in nocturnal house in zoo
By log in enclosed cage the house was dim lit
And of him i did not have a good view.

Their nostrils placed at the very tip of their bills
Their long thin bills for probing in soft ground
And it's been said that on calm nights in the high country
Their voices can be heard for miles around.

They call the People of New Zealand 'Kiwis'
From their national bird they come by their nickname
Though the timid birds who come out after twilight
Will never know of their enduring fame.

The Kiwi is National bird of New Zealand
And she lays a huge egg for her body size
And she ventures out each evening after night fall
In search of food beneath the darkened skies.

by Francis Duggan

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