HP (08-07-1975 / Kansas)

The Knees Of An Invisible Queen

twelve scars she had upon her knees
stained was her shirt with tears on the sleeve
always kneeling at his alter to appease
his wanton thoughts and his sexual pleas
praying to him for a little more time
invisible crown smeared with dirt n grime
she wore her heavy halo without any mirth
laying in wait by his bed and his hearth
he only blessed her presence every once in awhile
usually late in the hour without even a smile
she clung to the hope that just once he would play
not for an hour or two..but throughout a day
always he left in a tither and hurry
like a storm blown out in a rampant fury
leaving her there to pray once again
at his alter with her palms rested on chin
she prayed to the heavens to forgive her sin
always she prayed to a man that wouldn't give in
she would wash and clean to forget his scent
but her body was drained..her emotions were spent
scuffed knees with a tear stained face
laying in lingerie of satin and lace
used and thrown aside thru no fault of her own
her bed was tussled and broken was her throne
even as she sat there all alone
this queen of nothing she would rather be
a world all her own of fiction n fantasy
then to spy in the mirror of cruel reality
so she kneels everyday before his alter and prays
for one more night... in the hope that he stays

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Langston Hughes


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