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The Knights Of Twenty
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The Knights Of Twenty

The talking newsmen treat them as fools,
Dismissing their gallantry away.
Ignoring their good deeds are the rules,
Of the political games they play.

Why would men treat their brethren so?
Considering what bravery they display.
They walk into danger-to that we all owe,
So we may enjoy freedom's day.

Neither the elite men of letters,
Nor the arrogant elected lawyers,
Will ever want to understand,
The ultimate cost paid of warriors.

For a twenty year-old man's nobility,
Is paid in blood and courage.
Casting away life's safety net,
For an unprotected moorage.

For theirs is a true noblemen's test.
Purchased not-to fit the politically correct.
To destroy the evil that exists,
Protect the U.S. and free Iraq.

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