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The Knock At The Door

I heard a gentle knock at the door, but there were so many things I needed. So that knock, I thought I would ignore,
Till everything, I wanted to do was through.
Time quickly passed by, and the night soon drew nigh,
Tired, I layed down upon my bed, a good days work done,
To myself I said, in the stillness of the night,
Once more, I heard that gentle knock at the door,
Tired and weary, I needed my rest.
Tomorrow, I'll take time for my guest,
Awakening to a new dawn, I ran and unlatched the door.
I was shocked, my guest was gone, why he left, I wasn't really sure.
Tears swelled up in my eyes, as my heart pondered all the why's.
My night grew so long, I thought I'd never see days dawn.
My chores, I tried my best to do, but my heart wasn't in it.
I knew, I longed so much, once more, to hear that gentle knock at my door.
With my life filled full of gloom, I fell on my knees in my bedroom.
I asked God, what was wrong, that my heart no longer had a song.
My son, to your door, came to knock, but the door, you wouldn't unlock,
He tried His best, for he longed to be your special guest.
O God, I pleaded, send Him once more,
My heart longs to hear His knock at the door.
I listened as days passed by, to hear at my door, His gentle knock.
Then one day, my heart with joy, did cry,
His knock I heard and ran, the door to unlock.
My Dear Jesus, come in today, and with me, forever, live and stay.

by Louise Dean

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