It Could Be Worst

When were in situations where life seems to
be senseless we have to remember there
Is always a bright side to everything.
You think life sucks?
Is it because you didn't get that promotion or
you not making enough money
Is it because you think your mom
Is not being understanding?
Well it could be worst, you could be jobless,
motherless without her love and warmth.
You think life is unfair?
Think again Life is what you make of it.
Your house is not big enough?
It could be worst, you could be homeless,
with no shelter and no one to care for you.
Why the complaints when others will kill
to live just one minute in our shoes.
You think you’ll be better of dead?
Think of the ones facing death in the eyes
asking for pity, wishing just for one more day.
There are people suffering every day, dying
Of hunger when we are taking every thing in our life
For granted, food, oxygen, life, when we should be
making the best of it.
Before we complain because little things in our lives
Are out of place just remember,
it could be worst.

by Laurore Jean Pierre

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