The Knockabout Fellow

Variety and adventure in his life to him are not new
And of nights of sexual passion he has had more than a few
So many young women have come to and gone from his life
But yet to be a father or to have a wife

A tall handsome brown haired bloke in his physical prime
For love and for marriage for him plenty of time
When near drunk in the pub he is happy to sing
The knockabout fellow who does his own thing

He has worked on building sites and he has shorn sheep
And laid sewerage and water pipes where the trenches are deep
As a shirker of hard work he will never be known
He has worked with the best of men and held his own

A bit rough around the edges of him one might say
But he is a nice person in his own charming way
Quite generous with his hard earned money he knows how to spend
He is one who will never be short of a friend

A down to earth fellow who works hard for his every pay
To help one out he would go out of his way
When near drunk in the pub he is happy to sing
The likeable fellow who does his own thing.

by Francis Duggan

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