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The Knot
JL ( / West Monroe, LA, USA)

The Knot

In a dream that came to me;
Standing there so helplessly.
Standing there could only see;
A rope hung from Heaven, endlessly.
Hanging there frayed dangling just above my head;
And at my feet was a rod of lead.
Protruding from the ground and tied thereto;
Another peice of rope lying undo.
The end was frayed like the one above my head;
'They must go together,' is what I said.
Yes, together, it must be;
Forever, forever, endlessly.
Desperately I tied a knot and to my surprise;
It came loose and I cried.
Again and again, did I try;
But the rope just would not stay tied!
Then, a longhaired bearded man entered my dream;
Nothing but goodness glowed from Him it seemed.
Glowing, glowing, His goodness gleamed;
Tied a knot, then slowly, slowly left my dream.
Looking at the rope now firmly as one;
Tied together as it should've been done.
From Heaven to earth seemingly;
Forever, forever, endlessly.
As I awoke from my dream I tried to understand;
Just what it meant to me and this man.
Maybe it's simple; maybe it's not;
Maybe in life I should've learned to tie the knot;
From man to God, as it should be;
Forever, forever, endlessly.

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