The Know All People

Old words of wisdom so nice to recall
That those who think they know everything know little at all
That we do learn as we live they fail to realize
The know all does never become knowledgeable or wise
Their own praises many are known for to sing
But yet to be born is the one who knows everything
Every know all knows everything with them this is how it does seem
One thing a know all does not of is how it feels like low self esteem
Of know all people i do know of my share
And it can be said of them that they are not rare
To meet one you do not need to travel far
Just stop in for a drink at your local bar
Those who think they know everything fail to realize
That they do know so little this is not a surprise.

by Francis Duggan

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a who knows everything poem that is quite correct? people do tend to bull shi? then forget! ........well penned.