The Knowledge Fountain

Oh God! What's it, you don't have,
That I've in plenty,
For me to offer you, the Almighty.

Shall I give you fresh food?
Oh! How can I?
You are the giver of my daily bread.

Shall I give you all my wealth?
Oh! How can I?
You're the owner of this rich earth?

Shall I decorate you with a garland of flower?
Oh! How can I?
Does Flowers bloom sans your mercy, never?

Shall I offer you a life, in sacrifice?
Oh! How can I?
You're, isn't it, its very source?

My head's reeling with no idea,
Oh! What to do?
What can I offer you?

Ah! I've found out at last,
That you haven't in the least,
The ignorance, what I've, a lot!

Oh! God! Take all this ignorance of mine.
Plenty of knowledge, give me in return,
As you are its very fountainhead for every one.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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