The Knowledgeable And Wise

It is said that knowledge and wisdom it does come with age
But in years i am closer to seventy than sixty and i am not a sage
And of many i know of my age i can say the same
With knowledge and wisdom few that i can name

Knowledgeable and wise people are people who know
That knowledge and wisdom on bushes and trees does not grow
The more you know the less you know you know they have come to realize
It takes humility for to become knowledgeable and wise

With a good education some knowledge you will gain
But wisdom does seem much harder to attain
One without a good education can be as wise as can be
In some ways they are different it does seem to me

The knowledgeable and wise of the World in the few
To this you may well say tell us what is new
As news headline makers they are never to the fore
But of their sort the Human World is in need of far more.

by Francis Duggan

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