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The L.A. Riot
MWK ( / Long Beach, California)

The L.A. Riot

Poem By Merle W. Kinne

Batons flailing, curses and wailing;
Senses wrung, jury's not hung.
Verdict shocking, nation rocking:
Anger and tears, hate and fears. Tempers wearing, passion flaring;
Pent up anguish through the years.
Conflagration, torches flung,
Cries of bitterness are sung. Riots peaking to a stage
of utter chaos in rage.
Burning, looting, senseless shooting;
If in the way, one dies that day. Guns reloading, minds exploding;
Your time has come ... You cannot run.
City burning, stomachs churning;
Panic, fright throughout the night. Dreams are shattered, burned and battered,
Once a goal now burned out hole.
Violence reigns thru' tears and pain;
Smoke is dense ... It makes no sense. We cry for peace and quick release
From all this strife and loss of life ...
But hate and greed this night is theirs
To burn and kill ... Not hear our prayers.

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