The Labelling Limits

I am a poet to know it.
And often dismissed,
By those who believe...
They know the concept,
And what a poet is!
Or how what is achieved,
Perceived by many to be easy.

Personally I think the labelling limits.
Since some use gimmicks to depict an image.
And very few conceive it as art or a part of performance.
To leave the ones who do view it from that aspect,
Selecting to pick a word with a rhythm to connect.
With the hope that a decision made finally fits,
An experience others feel with a comfort that exhibits this.

Yes I am a poet to know it and often dismissed,
By those who believe they know the concept...
And what a poet is!
Or what it takes to achieve a reality that did not exist.
As perceived by many reading quickly to be easy.
Although the delivery seems that way...
To those who critique with a preference to suit their taste.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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