The Labyrinth Wild It Leads You

The labyrinth wild it leads you
Towards the smile that feeds you
The woodman wild in a shaman’s frenzy
Spent the night below the sea.

Out of the blue, through blood shot eyes
The birds of morning’s song have risen
And still I have not known the realm of sleep,
Still I am keeping watchful eyes upon the moment in descent,
Scouring the boundaries of my vision with sour yet soulful detachment
From the world outside at war, raging upon itself.

I can hear music upon the air,
Small vibrations from another world
The Faint echoes of dying stars
Susurrus murmurings within ancient forests

The gods of scented nightmares are calling me a small boy.
Fate is calling me her toy.

Lost and frozen within the moment
Stood alone before the phoenix rising

What am I to do?

I can see upon the horizon a goddess blue
Beckoning with open arms a world entwining you.

by David Lacey

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