Why Or Why

Wcruel and real
Its penetrates deep and the wound wont heal

Why oh why do people never take a second to care
yet they always want me to listen always to be there
I try so hard to be there please everyone
yet if i hurt need an ear theres noone

Why oh why do i start to trust again to be let down
Then outside i often laugh and still act the clown
other times i wish you well while inside
I simply ache with pain and my heart soul has diedhy oh

Why oh why are my feelings so deep
That they keep me awake and I cant sleep
My brain whirls and whirls around
Although no answer I know can be found

Why oh why do people hurt me so much
I dont intent it to happen but my soul they all touch
The pain inside its so

by Micron

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An interesting poem. Love the use of descriptive colors.