The Ladies In Black

They arrive black hooded
Look through hollow eyes
Open mouthed they glorify
They're the worldly wise
Satisfied with their own importance
No one hears the words they say
They point a finger to the crowd
Who turn and walk away
A cry, words imprinted in the sky
They quickly form and take the shape
Just ready to strike like a coiled up snake
Saying, don't you see the words I cry
I'm the devil woman, I'm the devilish fiend
I'll just borrow your husband
Take him for our friend
We don't need no master brain
All we need is to play the game called love
We'll draw him up in our satisfaction
We don't need physical attraction
We just come from the outer back
Spirits of the underworld
They call us the Ladies in Black

by E. E. O. Skinner

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