IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

The Ladies Know! ! This One Is For The Guys

The ladies know

She vacillates, procrastinates
she can’t decide what she should wear.
To the annoyance of her mate
her indecision hard to bear.

Men simply don’t appreciate
the efforts that a lady makes
Her clothing must co ordinate.
She can’t afford to make mistakes

Subjected to close scrutiny
of other ladies eagle eyes
She must be turned our perfectly
Although her loving husband tries

to tell her she looks beautiful.
She knows that he is prejudiced
as well as being dutiful
and so she dithers paralysed

Or so it seems but it’s not true
The lady acts out her charade
she knows exactly what to do.
Part of the little scheme she’s made.

His patience coming to an end.
Her mate insists that she must dress.
They have no choice they must attend
He is quite sure she will impress.

She’s wise enough to recognise
that he will brook no argument.
So very quickly she complies
. Her partner registers his content.

When they arrive a little late
as she intended they would be.
She makes an entry with her mate
and all the while smiles radiantly.

She has upstaged her enemies
Her crafty plan a great success
Her one intent was to displease
the other ladies more nor less.

Her faithful husband unaware.
He is completely innocent
of grudges which the ladies bear.
Can’t understand their discontent.

But then of course he’s just a man.
If looks could kill she would be dead
She’s hated by every woman.
Though not one crossword will be said.

The feud continues constantly
As every lady tries her best
to show her rivals only she
Stands out above the rest.

Some times they win, sometimes they lose.
Tonight the winners crown is hers
The men folk simply chat and booze
and disregard the hate filled stares.

The ladies know and they intend
to take her down a peg or two
But for the moment they pretend.
Because that’s what real ladies do.


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