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The Lady In My Life
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The Lady In My Life

From the orange glow of dawn
to the dying of the day.
From the height of the sparrow
to the nest he chooses to close his eye to lay.
From the vast dunes of the desert
to the rush of the sea.
From all the love within you
to all that’s good within me.
From the light of God’s touch
to your warm smile after dark.
From walks along the beach of Treasure
to stolen strolls in the park.

From birthdays that cannot be forgotten
to birthdays that we can’t remember.
From February and her Valentine
to the loneliness of September.
From days of sadness
to days of eternal joy.
From songs of emotion
to turn the heart from coy.

From all those memories
do all we’ve done.
From all that’s the past
to those days still to come.
From all the time spent together
to show just how much we care.
From all the tears, smiles and love -
To us – Our voice still lives
We’re still here!

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