Charon's Cosmology

Poem By Charles Simic

Firmly say
Friday, May 4,2018
9: 24 PM

I am willing to go an extra mile
if that is intended for a while
nothing can stop me
as I am a free man

but is a thing so easy?
where you do nothing and remain busy too
the dreamers have no place on this earth
they will certainly face untimely death

I may hope or believe
but we have to live
as per the condition
and build the relation

nothing shall take place
until you make the frantic chase
you may find critical phase
but that has to be made at an ease

being the human
doesn't mean
you are not prone to an excuses
as it will make you miss many things

so, decide and resolve
you got to solve
many things that are likely on the way
you must have the firm say

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