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The Lady & Me
RT (06.09.1973 / India)

The Lady & Me

She mustn’t have slept a night
Driving eyes all over her I thought
Her eyes resembled dead fish
I wondered about my long haunted wish.

She leaned forward and picked a cigarette
I wondered whether my virgin kiss is going to be sour
She made the smoke into melting rings
And my breathing air started smelling burned.

Flash of her white thighs made me shiver
Shivers I hardly felt melt in the winter
She rose her eyes and scanned my face
I lowered my eyes and watched a scar on her knee.

Restless she coughed and moved in her chair
Numb I tried to remember few polite terms
Then my fingers found more holes in my jacket pocket
Reminding I must undress later.

So? The first word I heard from her, tired.
Nothing, I kept the wrinkled dollars and few cents on the table
I reached for my hat and without looking at her
Walked out into my mystical winter night.

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