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The Lake
MLM (April 5,1991 / Greenfield, Ohio)

The Lake

Poem By Monica Lynn Mason

As the darkness surrounds me
I simply ask 'could this really be happening? ”
The life started,
The life I ended,
So tragically wasted.

As I plunge to the bottom of a lake of guilt and sorrow,
I pray everyone else will have a better tomorrow.
My mouth floods, my lungs cave,
I have come to my final watery grave.
I stare into the dark abyss that claims my life

I close my eyes,
Believe that it’s over,
Accept that life is abandoning my body.
Then I put my hands to my face,
Fell my sweat pouring,
My pulse is soaring.
It was all just a dream.

The swwet feeling of being alive,
Yet i crave the numbness i felt that night.
The drifting to the bottom of the lake.
The air leaving me,
The visions of my life,
The people i love,
The memories i hate,
and the thoughts of my last kiss.
With the one i loved with everything.

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