The Lambs Will Know Before Us

Lambs in fields, eyes to the sky,
they live by congenital presage;

the world cannot burn without song
of dread, that the animals sing;

warnings, forewarnings... a hole -
revolutions by celestial blackness;

so tell us oh, Seer of travesties
be this light a strange sign of peace,

or an incubus sent from Sheol,
guised in seven shades of tarnish,

and hear the lambs cry like wolves,
they've been told they have no souls,

they'll always know before we do -
when comes Death and its hollow heart

End stage, the opus is over,
liturgical symbols, nascent;

a revelation to those who know -
the final chapter and verses of John,

speaking of a Holy Kingdom where-
lambs lay down, not for slaughter,

for when it's time to break the bread
the lambs are invited to dine with The Host.

© MMXV-All rights reserved
Frank James Ryan Jr. / FjR

by Frank James Ryan Jr (FjR)

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