MR ( / Glasgow, Scotland but living in Karachi, Pakistan.)

The Land Of Faery.

When the world was new,
Or so it seemed to us
When we were very young,
We met and loved.
But time and fate sent us
On different paths.

Though separate,
We were impelled
To find each other,
To complete the circle of our lives.
Joined thus,
How can we part?

Together you and I
Will walk as twins rejoined
Into eternity.

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Fate lets us makes those choices freely only to regret them later - or make the choices that lead us back to where we might not have been had those choices not been made - like road not taken- with the rare opportunity to try the other. Like the letter S, a pair of reciprocal C's that lead us farther away rather than mirrored C's that complete the circle.
very romantic poem - well written
This is a magical poem Margery, written with compassion and without sentimentality. I love the romantic title too. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
A touching piece Margery, well constructed. Grand.