The Land Of Joy.

The magic land,
far away,
from two worlds that come as one,
where welcomes,
there will never be none
as the doves flew,
that makes it true,
the vases that pours,
that is so sweet and pure,
and love,
that is so strong,
never goes wrong,
alway will sing a happy song,
the two crane,
were meet,
by the path,
that was made with the rain,
that falls pure cristal,
no stain
that cames,
with the golden sun,
that shall always shine,
apon one,
found as a rainbow,
paint with wishes of colours,
told they were in love,
with their will,
it opens the book of true dreams,
no fear,
only the hearts of heart,
and the presents of presents,
for it last,
and always will.

by lee sharon

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