Poem Hunter
The Land Of Never
AD (6/13/85 / Oklahoma City)

The Land Of Never

Auburn days are fading away
Where are you when I'm cold
You're the one who put me here
I had plans
We had plans
In this land of never
A promise isn't worth saving
You say you're there because of me
But I'm here because of you
I'm lonely and the days are longer
I bet they are short with you
in the land of never
You're blowing away villages
in search of
But hope is at the end of
the land of never
You're too far away to care and
I've cared all along
In this land of never
We live for the day that love will
Sweep us off our feet
Just to throw us off the ground
Head first we fall in love
Thrown into dispair
I am in this the land of never
and I stay awake until dawn
Wondering whether
You'll be here in the morning

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