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The Land Where The Sun Never Sets.....
(7TH OCTOBER 1951 / Trissur, Kerala State, India.)

The Land Where The Sun Never Sets.....


It was the land described
As the land where
The sun never sets,
But the emporor trying
To control full earth,
Where the sun ruled
Everywhere, by turns
Dawning, settimg everyday,
But his attempt brought
A heat like that of million suns,
One day by his greed,
In the form of atom bomb,
Yet he couldn't go
Where the sun never sets
In the poles for a full
Half year in turns,
Doing his duty and blessings
To the earth, which was
A part thrown out by him
To make beings of varieties
Not created else where
In the Universe where
He was not but a star
In billions in all the galaxies.

Ravikiran Arakkal

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