GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

A Conversation With My Life...

He asks me what you have stored for me ……….My LIFE

Oh, how innocent question he poses..
What have you stored for me my Life? ? ? ?
And I say.. A mystery which no one ever resolved so far!

And He says:

I get you oh, life but can't see you…why?
I hear about you, but why don't you talk to me my Life?
Sometimes you make me laugh and sometimes you make me cry.
Every time you are with me then why do you test and try?
Sometimes I receive honor and other times I struggle to survive
And when I start walking towards… you run far away teasing me.

And I Say:

You are the master of your fate and helpless at the same time.
And I play a game with you all the time.
I can't reveal the secret since death is standing behind you.

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Ah! " allegory" maybe that is why i don't understand you. i'm not fond of nor 'good' at 'reading' symbolism. is/are the " he" and the " I" one person? ? ? are/is he/I having a talk with itself? ? Yes, i try to not let Death know my secrets! at least not without me first receiving something from Death. bri ("
Marvellous piece of writing.
Nothing can be better than this conversation. A Masterpiece.
Excellent poem. Philosophy in this poem is fantastic.
Fantastic poem on life and death.
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