The Language Of Love

I am the poet of harmony
I speak the language of love
The words I produce
The themes I consider
Are the strings of imagination
Are the love’s lovely flowers
And when I think
Love touches my mind
A voice of peace
A word of concord
Trails in my mind
The current of thy glances
Vibrate the system by shock
My thirsty heart never exhausts
To have droughts of thy love
I love this world of beauty
I love the humans, being thirsty
Of looking at stars
Of touching the moon
I love the language of love
Because it’s universal
Even the dogs know it
Even the stars know it
And when light kisses the dawn
The love’s heart thumps in
To touch the fragrant flowers
The dews fell upon

5 Jan 2005

by Abdul Sattar

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That was very nice sweet words :)