The Lasso Of Love

Love walks behind us every day until we find someone,
Then throws its lasso right away so that the spell's begun!
That's why we linger for a while when really we could leave!
And yet we're captured by a smile with scarcely time to breathe!
Our eyes are drawn as though transfixed, now focussed on one face!
At first we stare with feelings mixed... then all falls into place!
Too late! It's happened! There it is: it started with a sigh...
The guy's now pining for a kiss before he says goodbye!
Her eyes are twinkling, yes, they are! Love's lasso then pulls tight!
So that's how come they can't go far! That's why they're so polite!
It's 'Thankyou! ' this and 'Thankyou! ' that and smiles from ear-to-ear!
He's working hard with all the chat! Yes, something's going on here!
Good God! He's even asked her out! Good God! The girl said, 'Yes! '
Only love could bring this about, that lasso sure can bless!

by Denis Martindale

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