The Last Bomb

The clock struck eleven
The first bomb dropped
Gas seeped in from under the door

Helplessly I fumbled for my gas mask
I place it over my head
A crude odour crept into my senses
I'm as good as dead
My mask was useless

I crawled over to my bed
My favourite place
Thoughts began flashing through my head
Tears ran down my face
I'm too young to die

The gas became as thick as fog
Clouding up my mind
The end was drawing nearer now
Closing up, now is my time

The clock struck midnight
The gas stopped
The Last Bomb Dropped
So did I
Never to stir again

by Karina Squire

Comments (1)

Karina, Stop, I can't breathe! You describe a nightmare situation that had me stifled. Your words are spare... yet powerful. Excellent work!