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The Last Dance Ended Before The Song Was Over

Maria Elena,
fell asleep as I drove her home.
she had drank a bit too much,
it was one of the first times
since the kidney transplant.
she did not rustle or snore
like many drunks I know.

we had talked earlier that night
she was enrolled in technical school
had a new boyfriend.
It bothered her that she was scarred
by the kidney machine and the
I reminded her I always felt her beauty was within
no scars could hide that.

I had plans, and always thought
Maria would be the one to marry.
she was very careful to watch herself
always one step ahead of men who wanted
her to be like the rest.

we danced hands tight and eyes fixed,
as we always did.
she slipped a bit and apologized
“I lost it I guess”

she asked me if I would drive her car home
“Please don’t try anything…..ok? ”
I smiled and said,
“Don’t worry, I know better.”

when I reached her driveway
I touched her gently
she awoke, smiled and said
“Thanks! ”
and ran inside.

One month later,
I sent a dozen roses
with a nice card that said,
“To the only woman I have loved”
at her funeral

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holy shit, this is good. you wove this in such a tender way, that last bit punched me right in the chest. outstanding. Jake