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This is the day that did not pass
as I walk over the bridges
the new morning sun burns
a day-long pass
I knew my self
When I found you she was confused
Lost in you
Then you left
It took a little while
After your departed
But slowly
That woman that I knew
Came back
With more passion
And excitement for the future
Than last
I did not find her
She found me
And that is why I know now
That you will forever be the past
The day did pass
I just did not see that
The sun disappeared
At long last.

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Nice philosophical poem. Through an expression loaded with freshness, you have treated death as an inevitable development which needs to be preceded by dance and celebration because it signifies 'another station.... a very silent sleep'. Thanks a lot.
This is really a brilliant philosophical poem on death having touching expression with nice diction. It is natural truth that death must come after birth later or sooner. No one can prevent him. I quote.. when it comes it comes none can prevent it from sitting beside you Thanks you dear RIC for sharing this gem with us.10
Very profound writing..a 10++++
a very interesting write. I enjoyed reading it. thanks for sharing. keep writing
Brave utterances set aside for honest contemplation. Indeed, there's no need pondering over the inevitable. Thanks for sharing Ric.
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