The Last Day

Today morning bright and fine I went to college
As this was the last day in my dear beloved college,
Everything was going fine and then we all started to cry,
We cried, we wept in friend’s laps and arms till tears became dry,
So many sorry, thank you, bye today; every past flashed this day;

I am gonna miss everyone in my beautiful lovely class,
Though we go different ways we are still going to pass
Through this college and we will come back some day
Or the other to reunite, if not in class then some day,
Some place will always be there for us to spend time
Together once again; these days will never come back,
In all these days of fun and fight we together used to yack,
Thirty five friends in three years, included are our teachers
With all the teaching sessions there were also some preachers
Who taught us lessons by telling stories, everything was endless,
But it came to an end; this isn't the end, I believe because we are
Always going to be the alumni of this college henceforth, so I dare
Say that this isn't the end and I believe we will all be friends
Forever however there is many a change in our life’s trends.

by J Sheba Anandhi

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