The Last Day Of The Calendar Autumn

The last day of the calendar Autumn and the southern May
The sun shining bright 'tis a beautiful day
O'er the coastal cliffs the pacific gulls cry
And the dark welcome swallows they chirp as they fly

Above the green paddocks by the Pacific sea
In Nature there's always great beauty to see
And from Nature we learn something new every day
We never stop learning though we look old and gray.

On the sand dunes a flock of greenfinches search for insects and seed
At this time of year a social existence they lead
And the singing honeyeaters chirp on the coastal bushes and trees
On this beautiful day of around eighteen degrees.

So much beauty in Nature for one to admire
And of singing her praises could one ever tire
On this last day of May and of the southern Fall
A memory for to cherish and for to recall.

by Francis Duggan

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