The Last Dive

It's her hunger,
Her body's hunger,
That draws me to feed on
Her mind's fire
Setting my imagination aflame with
Dreams that leap from the
Edges of my night-less sleep
Dancing, pulsing, gypsies and madmen
Grasping her wrist I draw her to me
Breathing in her sweat, scent and all it brings
Cupping her tense neck, finger tips riding her racing pulse
Breathing her breath, feeling her motion in motion
Light comes like blazing suns exploding from the
Shy dark corners of guarded thought
Pressing her closer, tiny hairs rise and fall, skin renders away
Embraced, useless friction renders away
Fusion, soul, entanglement
Staring intensely, entranced and lost into those eyes
Eyes that cannot lie or deceive
Reaching, grasping
Like blind man in unfamiliar rooms
I jump with faith and abandon
Into an abyss with no end
Never to return

by Guillermo Veloso

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