The Last Fairy Tale

Sophy Chen Translation C-E Poetry Series of Chinese Poetess (1)

The Last Fairy Tale

Poems by Zhang Hongxia
Translated by Sophy Chen

I crossed the river, flew in the stomach of the prairie
And turned around over the Mongolian Ger
Like a trained wild horse
Seeing the last round of crescent moon
As seeing the last round of crescent moon
I started to dance

My eyes shortsighted, overlaid and damaged
The last fairy tale, cells of my chest continue to divide
And fill with the bend of Mori Spengler River

Translated by Sophy Chen
2017/12/13 Guangzhou, China

by Sophy Chen

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thanks Ron
Write comment. Good translation, Sophy. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
Sophy Thank you for translating this wonderful poem.