The Last Five Minutes Of Marie Antoinette

The last five minutes of Marie Antoinette

Anxiety takes over the veins that
Wrap around my stomach, tying it up
Into a twitched air sack of hollowness.
Are you ready for me, the disarmed queen?

As I wait at the end of the hall way
Afraid to look, picturing secretly-
What is it that I may be greeted with?
Yes, that dimmed gaze, perhaps a rehearsed smile.

Keep listening to my own blood thumping
Straighten thy spine, I say to myself, walk
Proudly- heads up chin down and lick that chapped
Lips wet to form that perfect, perfect smile

Five, four, three, two, oh do feel the drumming
Feel how it shakes the ground that I try
Steadying myself upon! The hastened breath,
The chest tightness, the loss of prepared lines.

Too late to regret I am no Queen Anne.
No equipped words: just pull from within the
Simplest lines, embrace like courteous strangers;
Yet I still managed to catch them, them eyes:

faint eyes whisper nothing, absolutely
Nothing- already I cannot read you.
It’s too short, only a quarter second;
Or enough, two thirds of eternity

To break me. Then the cheerful act; ignored
Till the final goodbye. Remain pieces,
“retreat! ” as I silently yelled and turned.
Your five minutes were up, Lady Queen France.

Chop chop, good-bye Marie Antoinette, chop.

by Fiona Su

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