The Last Frontier

How a cohesiveness,
Can pull them together
From indeciveness...
Is a test.
He is above the rest.
Too good for them.
He has promise,
To heal.
And they are accustomed,
To honoring their traitors.
Baiting hatred,
While ushering decline.
They are out of their minds.
And too good for them he is.
And they have no idea...
How close they are
To being the last frontier,
This pioneer...
Will try to attempt to save!
With concepts that are fresh,
Daring and brave.
They have been enslaved,
By their thoughts of a fading greatness.
Rapidly becoming nonexistent.
And this twistedness,
Has brought them to the edge of doom.
He fights to bring them clarity.
He hopes to awaken them soon.
He is too good for them.
And those who are aware...
Wishes his reign,
Does not come to late.
To avoid their agony, further shame...
And more pain.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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