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The Last Goodbye

She spoke of how
Eager he had been
To come into this world.
How this was to be the
Pattern of his life –
Always keen, impatient,
To embrace what
Life had to offer.
His ever ready smile,
His laughter.

She spoke of treasured
Memories from his childhood
His close friendship
With his elder brother,
The part he had played
In the family as
Son, brother, uncle, friend.

She spoke of how
She would miss him
Through all the years
When he should still be here.
Her voice calm, controlled,
Just the occasional tremor.

We listened, helpless.
All we could do was
Share her grief,
Feel her heartbreak.
A mother’s farewell to her son
As she said her last goodbye.

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Comments (2)

oh so sad...beautiful indeed!
Your poem is heart breaking. The last two lines are so moving.