The Last Goodbye

I’ll never stop loving you
I just have to keep trying
to live my life without you.

every day is a new way to deal with
not having you here.

I see things I want to tell you about
I talk to you when no one is around
I pretend you are in another room

goodbye was always hard
I was so afraid that every time
would be the last.

then came the dreaded day
the day of The Last Goodbye.

I stood beside you,
your left hand in mine
and cried my farewell
while the angels took you away.

by shannon flanders
This was written for my Granny who died almost exactly 5 years ago. I miss her every day and although goodbye always feels like death to me, saying goodbye to her really did almost kill me. I know she's in a better place but who will love me like she did?

by shannon wright

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It's beautiful. I know what that pain feels like. I tell people who haven't lost a close relative that they don't know the type of pain till it happens to them. It's undescribeable. This is why I began writing poetry. To help me deal with the pain of loss. The words will come to me out of no where sometimes and I have to stop what I'm doing and scramble to write it all out. Afterwards, I read it back to my self and am amazed that I wrote that. Thank you for sharing your poems with me.