The Last Goodbye

Poem By Brittany Daniel

You run around in circles,
trying to find your way.
The path that I am walking,
could have your path one day.

You're lost and can't be found,
not by the one who seeks.
The one who is seeking,
her love has finally peaked.

She can't hold on much longer,
for her heart has broken too.
She holds tight until the last goodbye,
then she finally lets go of you.

You aren't fully aware
of the damage that's been done,
but as she turned her back,
your long battle was won.

She's finally given up,
you say as a tear falls from your eye.
You realized it with her hug
and her painful dry-eyed sigh.

'Well I guess that's it, ' she said
as she breathed a ragged breath.
What she really meant was
'I'll love you till your death.'

She could tell that it was hurting you.
and she really didn't care.
Payback is sweet
and silence finally hung in the air.

He tried to whisper apologies,
his voice sweet and nigh,
he leaned forward to kiss her,
as she turned her head and whispered her goodbye:

'I'll always love you the way you don't love me.'

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a very emotional yet beautiful poem

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true love is when you can look at a picture of the guy you like and honestly wish his complete happiness.

and it's also when you can let go, and if he's truly yours he will come back, and not just because you are a last resort
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